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The company's history

We have been operating since 1996

We are a modernly managed and organized design, production and trade company dealing in the production of transport lines, packaging machines and other equipment for the glass industry.

The company started its operations in 1996. The initial recipient of the equipment manufactured by the company was the Glassworks in Jarosław. As the range of offered devices developed, the company acquired new customers in Poland and Europe.

A team of qualified employees

To meet the most advanced projects, the company employs qualified staff of designers and automation specialists. Its dynamic development, the use of modern technologies and the best quality raw materials ensure that the products offered to customers meet the highest quality requirements.

Comprehensive solutions, starting from design, through production and commissioning, up to service, make our company a partner for talks on comprehensive logistics solutions.



Due to the numerous projects we carry out, we have extensive experience in designing, building and launching sorting lines.



Thanks to our qualified staff of engineers and production workers, we make every effort to ensure that our devices are manufactured with precision.



We try to ensure that the delivery dates of our devices are met both in EU countries and outside it.



We provide warranty and post-warranty service, perform initial commissioning and train operators of our machines and devices.